Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Smokenator in da houz!

Yes! It's here! I'm so fired up (no pun intended) about getting the Smokenator up and running in my Weber kettle.

I have been thinking about it since last summer when I got my kettle. I checked the website, read the reviews, looked at the instructions. I did everything short of ordering it.

A couple days I checked into it again. I saw some recent reviews and after my a few emails with the owner/creator, Don, I made the purchase. I went for the stainless steel model with the hover-grill. The hover-grill is an extra grill with legs that adds a bunch more surface area to the kettle cooking area and if there's anything I like better than barbecued meat it's MORE barbecued meat!

Don was great to deal with. He was very thorough in his email responses as he answered my questions. You can tell he really has a love for barbecue and a passion for his product.

The Smokenator arrived today in a single box, nicely packaged with tape holding the various pieces together so they don't shift in the box.

Unpacking it was easy. Before I installed it I needed to clean out my kettle a little. It had quite the build-up of ash. Once I cleared it out, the Smokenator slipped right in. The Smokenator fits so well, using the grill support tabs already built into the kettle.

(yes the picture shows the kettle before I cleaned it out)

Here is the kettle with both grills installed with a close-up of the hover grill.

And here's the kettle next to my Weber gas grill. I just washed off the winter dust so they look better than usual. The gas grill is going to get a once-over soon as I just found the flavorizer bars are pretty much rusted out. Oops!

I'm thawing out some chicken as we speak so my next entry should be a real cooking review!

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